Collect A Thing was created by Lily Milos in the summer of 2015, but her fascination with collecting goes all the way back to childhood. The first thing she remembers wanting to collect so, so badly was the ship in a bottle (The Jolly Roger, to be exact) from the movie Hook. After she saw The Lord of the Rings, she wanted to collect, well, everything. She did manage to collect a few items, including a cheap, knock-off Sting that she slept with under her pillow for years.

Arwen Kester, founder of Middle-earth News, and Lily meet an Uruk-hai soldier at a Lord of the Rings memorabilia auction and aren’t impressed with his intimidation tactics.

Years later, she joined the Middle-earth News team and met a bunch of other Tolkien fans with varying sizes of collections. In early 2015, Middle-earth News members (and Tolkien collectors) Myla and Britta decided to start an official Tolkien Collection photo challenge using the hashtag #TolkienCollection. Around the same time, Lily started picking up Tolkien books and knick-knacks that she found in used bookstores and sending them to her friends to help fill out their collections.

Even though she wasn’t acquiring things for herself, she loved the game! Finding needed collectibles and seeing the photos her friends posted was so fun, and as it turned out, she was starting to learn a bit about the art of collecting.

Finally, she decided to make a Twitter account (@CollectTolkien) that shared all of the photos on the #TolkienCollection tag in one place. After a few weeks, she decided to start a website where the photos could be shared with (hopefully) a wider audience. And why keep it just relegated to Tolkien when there are so many cool collectibles to be found?

Collect A Thing is still in its infancy, but Lily is excited to connect with collectors, creators, and fans and to see where she can take it!

If you’d like to have your collection featured on a Collector Spotlight, share your online store, or just chat, visit the Contact page and fill out the form. Lily will respond as soon as possible!

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