Our Funko Wishlist

Funko seems to have figures for everything nowadays — that is, everything except The Lord of the Rings. Yes, there’s a Pop! for Sauron, but that’s it. We can’t help but wonder why that is; you’d think that LOTR would be prime Funko material! At least we have some Hobbit Pops!, but even those don’t feel like enough. They could easily make multiple Pops! for just one character, and I’m sure many of us would happily buy them all. So until the day comes when Funko fully immerses themselves in Middle-earth, we’ve put together lists of our top 10 most desired Hobbit/LOTR Pops!


Funko Wishlist - Britta

  1. White Council Galadriel
    I really love the outfit she wore in The Hobbit.
  2. Treebeard
    Because creatures make the cutest Funko figures!
  3. Gríma Wormtongue
    He was creepy in the films, but I think a Funko might make him a bit more pitiable. (Also, he’d need to have his handkerchief included.)
  4.  Nazgûl (in black robes) with a black steed
    Again, creatures make cute Funkos. Robed Nazgûl would probably look similar to Dementors from Harry Potter, but I think the inclusion of a black horse with black accessories would clarify. Plus horses are cute and cute Funkos seem to be my theme with this list! Maybe they could do a deluxe Witch-king & fell beast variant too! A mini mace would be neat.
  5.  Oliphaunt
    Again, cuteness… Battle-ready and everything.
  6.  Théoden
    In battle armour. I love his suit of armour and I am thinking in particular of the Battle of Pelennor Fields. Plus if Funko were to make a Witch-king, you could recreate the battle (cutely, of course!).
  7. Shelob
    Cuteness overload. I really loved the Sauron and Azog Funkos; no matter how evil or creepy something is, they can make it instantly cute. Maybe Shelob could come with a tiny cocooned Frodo…
  8. Gimli
    Gimli is one of my favourite characters; I’d love a little Dwarf Funko with axes! Not to mention I love his armour.
  9. Balrog
    Maybe Funko could make two variants: winged and wingless, depending on one’s interpretation of Tolkien’s description.
  10. Tom Bombadil
    Perhaps another limited/collector’s edition. A lot of fans were disappointed at the lack of Bombadil in the films, but thanks to LOTRO people have become more familiar with him. I want the feather hat, blue jacket, and yellow boots!


Funko Wishlist - Josh

*Glorfindel Art Credit: Magali Villeneuve

  1. Mouth of Sauron
    Funko Pops! are known for their cutesy style of big eyes and no mouth… Riddle me this! How will they approach a character with NO eyes and GROSS mouth? Will they go so far as to detail the Mouth of Sauron’s sharp teeth and cracked lips, or will they simply draw a squiggle (or nothing at all) and call it a day?
  2. Radagast and his Rhosgobel Rabbit Sleigh
    This figure would have to count as one of those deluxe ones. I haven’t decided on how many rabbits I’d want included in the sleigh pull, nor have I decided whether I’d want them in a running action pose or idling (Napping bunnies are cute, okay?). Also, please detail the bird poo on Radagast or I will genuinely lose sleep over the inaccuracy.
  3. Mûmakil/Oliphaunt
    If this was made to scale with other Funkos, that’d be pretty awesome, but for the sake of not having to deal with a +3 foot tall vinyl figure, I’ll settle for a scaled down version. I’m just a little excited at the idea of an mean lil’ war painted Dumbo with nubby spikes on its tusks and a basket tower full of archers on its back.
  4. Dernhelm/Éowyn 2-pack
    Because how else are you supposed to recreate her scene with the Witch-king if the iconic helm removal doesn’t happen? (And I know Funko tends to mold their heads in one piece). This also means a Funko Pop Witch-king must be made as well.
  5. Treebeard with slots for a Funko Merry & Pippin
    This one HAS to be to scale with the others because it wouldn’t work otherwise. Like the Smaug Pops!, they should also give us two variants of basic Funko black eyes and “Tree Sap Amber” eyes. You can bet I’ll get both.
  6. Dain with War Boar
    Another “deluxe” type pop set because I am curious to see his like tusk moustache (tusk-stache?) in Funko form. Also a little Funko battle piggy would be all kinds of adorable too. If you ever own these two and NOT make them hop around and oink oink and “Good morning!” in a heavy Scottish accent, you’re not doing it right.
  7. Guritz/Skully
    Because a Funko Pop! orc face with a Funko Pop! skull on top needs to happen. It would also be interesting to see how they make his little scythe. Plus, if a Funko Pop! Gothmog ever exists, he’ll need his orc wifey behind him at all times too.
  8. Great Goblin
    I feel like this would be a challenge to design accurately in their Funko Pop! style without making him look like a pile of mashed potatoes. And can he come with a little goblin scribe too?
  9. Glorfindel
  10. Faramir
    I just really like Faramir and couldn’t bear leaving out of my list. If they choose to go for accuracy and include him hold a cloven Horn of Gondor, I—
    Oh, I’ve made myself upset now.


Funko Wishlist - Lily

  1. Samwise Gamgee
    Funkos are sure cute, but even though I might like a particular character or fandom, I hesitate and end up leaving most Funko toys behind in the store. If I saw a Samwise Gamgee figure, though, I would buy him and every variant in a heartbeat!
  2. Rosie Cotton
    We can’t have Sam and not Rosie! Funko had just better be sure “she had ribbons in her hair.”
  3. Scary Bilbo
    I love seeing all of the different variant figures that Funko comes up with, and though the infamous scary Bilbo shot is such a brief moment from The Lord of the Rings, it is etched on everyone’s memory. It is totally worthy of preserving in plastic to haunt our dreams!
  4. Bilbo and Frodo’s Birthday Cake
    Most of the Funko Pop! figures are models of sentient geeky characters, but I’m using the precedent of the Iron Throne to argue that we could totally have one for Bilbo and Frodo’s iconic birthday cake.
  5. Saruman the White/Saruman of Many Colours 2 pack
    No LOTR collection would be complete without Saruman, but Funko could take it even further than the films if they could manage to make an appealing Saruman of Many Colours variant (perhaps with a slight irridescent shimmer).
  6. Éomer
    So often in the films, Eomer has a stern expression, which would be the perfect juxtaposition to the cuteness overload!
  7. Beorn
    Beorn would have to be larger than your average figure (more along the lines of Hagrid), but I always loved him in The Hobbit book, so it seems a shame that he was left out of the Hobbit Funko series.
  8. Bert, Tom, and Bill the Trolls
    I would definitely love to get the trolls to adorn my desk. If Funko made a stony looking version, I’d put them in the yard!
  9. Bill the Pony
    As a fan of Sam, of course I have to inlude Bill the Pony. I think the cute Funko expression would perfectly convey this look: “If you don’t let me go with you, Sam, I’ll follow you on my own.”
  10. Peter Jackson Cameos
    Have you ever come across the Corsair Captain statue from Sideshow Collectibles? How cool would it be to have that and the other Peter Jackson cameo characters in Funko form? I think these would be great as a very rare release!


Funko Wishlist - Myla

  1. Old Bilbo
    I own Invisible Bilbo from Funko’s Hobbit line but Old Bilbo is my favorite. If I could have my choice from all of his outfits, it would be the one he’s wearing at Rivendell in FOTR with the Red Book in his arms.
  2. Aragorn
    More specifically Strider. And Funko could even have a variant where he’s wearing a cloak/hood and smoking a pipe. I’ve given this a lot of thought.
  3. Éowyn/Dernhelm Combo Pack
    Éowyn rocks both dresses and armor so it’s only fair that we get both in pop form!
  4. Galadriel
    Why there isn’t already a Galadriel Pop! I will never understand. If Funko ever does make any, I hope they’ll do a Dark Queen version. Not only would it be treacherous as the seas, it would be super cute.
  5. Arwen
    I feel like Arwen from the dream scene would make a really pretty Pop! I just need Funkos of all the ladies, okay?
  6. Treebeard with Mini Merry and Pippin
    The Treebeard Pop! would obviously need to be mega-sized and come with Pocket Pops! of Merry and Pippin. It’s only logical.
  7. Lobelia
    I LOVE LOBELIA…the movie-version at least, haha. Her grumpy face and obnoxious hat and lime green dress make me happy. The Pop! would also need to come with an umbrella because of course.
  8. Frodo
    Any Frodo Funko would absolutely need to have neon blue eyes like that Hot Topic exclusive Legolas. In my mind I picture a Frodo Pop! from his first scene in FOTR or when he leaves the Shire because I love his green cloak.
  9. Cave Troll
    Real talk, how ADORABLE would a big Cave Troll Funko be? The answer is “very”.
  10. Théoden
    Next to Frodo and Eowyn, Théoden has the best wardrobe (at least in my opinion). Funko would be able to do the Rohan designs justice. And imagine a lil’ Herugrim!!

Honorable mention: Denethor eating a tomato.

Who’s on your list? Tell us in the comment section below!

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