It’s a Dangerous Business, Tolkien Collector, Finding Ways to Spend…

When the price of the newly announced Middle-earth Limited Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Box Set was discovered, Tolkien collector @TheJoshTime took to Twitter to voice his concerns and make helpful suggestions for inclusions that would justify the cost of $800.













Not all of Josh’s tweets are rated PG, but if you want to read them all, click here and click “Show More” when prompted.

We think he had some great ideas, and as a serious collector himself, we wanted to know how he seriously would put the money to use that he could save by not buying the seriously expensive limited edition box set. And we got serious answers…

What would I add to my #TolkienCollection with $800?

– A WETA Workshop Faramir AND Éowyn statue, because there’s no way I’m getting one without the other.

– The miniature bigiature of Minas Tirith by WETA Workshop. As lovely as the small keepsake box version from the Extended Edition of The Return of the King is, can you imagine how gorgeous the details of the larger one would be up close and in person? I would be in constant awe.

– $800 worth of WETA Workshop Smaug leather cuffs to link together and cover myself with.- As many Toybiz Uruk-hai action figures as I can get to re-create a proper Helm’s Deep scene.

– Put it towards acquiring ALL of Howard Shore’s The Lord of the Rings: The Complete Recordings.

– A new licensed Middle-earth Sword (or two). The top ones on my list include Aragorn’s Strider Sword, Boromir’s Sword, Herugrim (Théoden’s Sword), and The Witch-king’s Sword & Dagger to go with my Witch-king Helm.

– A Games Workshop Mûmakil with plenty of Haradrim and lots of paints to colour them all, because I don’t own a proper mûmakil ANYTHING yet.

– Save it for a WETA Workshop 18k gold One Ring WITHOUT inscriptions, because it hadn’t recently been placed in fire.

– $800 worth of Shire Post Mint’s Middle-earth coins. Enough to fill a small chest, but hardly overflowing.

– A Gondorian banner replica, so I have something to hold up high when I periodically shout FOR GONDOR.

– A #TolkienCollection shopping spree at a Canadian convention, because after conversion to Canadian dollars, I get an extra $200 at least to spend!

If you know me well enough, you know I could very easily keep going!
Now we want to know — seriously — what would you shell out $800 for to enhance your Tolkien Collection? Leave your comments below.


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