Middle-earth Limited Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Box Set – The 800 Dollar Question

Last week, the Middle-earth Limited Collector’s Edition Blu-ray Box Set was announced, and while it certainly has some appeal, the $800 price tag has scared off or angered many fans, especially when they learned that director Peter Jackson was not involved in the release.


Many wonder why they should bother getting more of the same discs they already own. Some have proposed that you could make your own Collector’s Edition for much less. James at A Tolkienist’s Perspective created three bundles of Middle-earth collectibles that come in at under $800 and seem to give you much more for your money. It was James’ post that inspired me to fantasize about how my Tolkien Collection could be expanded if I had a spare $800 lying around.

You may have noticed that this blog has been quiet for some time, but this Tolkien collecting crisis has re-energized me. Not only that, but I have been joined by two other collectors with a passion for Tolkien, and I am pleased to introduce them in this post! Myla Malinalda and Tolkien Britta have been featured in collector spotlights previously, and today they join me as we each share what we would like to buy instead of the Middle-earth Limited Collector’s Edition.


Total: $795


Total: $800


Total: $792

Obviously, we each are partial to different items (and we also have varying items in our collections already), but it just goes to show how far $800 could go in Tolkien collecting. In fact, we noticed a dangerous feeling creeping up on us — some of our selections didn’t seem so expensive when compared to the pricey box set, and we had to stop ourselves before making impulsive shopping decisions!

Now we want to know your feelings about the Middle-earth Limited Collector’s Edition set. Will you be buying it or would you rather save your cash for something else? And what Tolkien items would you buy with an extra $800?


  1. Good grief but there’s so many wonderful collectibles out there.
    *not daydreaming about Weta’s new Boromir statue*

    Honestly, if I had $800 to spare, I’d rather put it towards a trip to New Zealand. Absolutely disgusted by WB’s greed. For shame!

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    • I thought about picking the tour of Hobbiton in Matamata, NZ, but figure it wasn’t quite fair since we’d have to get there first! 😉 I agree; the price is absolutely absurd.

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  2. these are all pretty sweet bundles. maybe not as sweet as the ones josh (of the north!) has been thinking out loud about on twitter, but those are big shoes to fill. what really speaks for itself in your bundles is the amount of sources with excellent, high level craft like weta and badali. because that’s really what lacks in the official one, right?

    it’s films everyone already has, but even their fancy packaging is just fake leather and a ‘bookshelf’ that doesn’t look far from hobbyist level craft. snark aside, it is certainly not up to par with the design and production values people have come to expect from having weta close at hand.
    then it’s an art book with some prints, (i recently got a limited release kickstarter-backed art book. top-notch content, fancily made, with high quality prints packed in, and that was 65 euros total.)
    and… that’s it? it seems to rely only on being limited and being the only offer for the EE films in this release cycle for generating ‘value’.

    the cheapness of this practice is pretty much the sum of my feelings towards the bundle. it’s not a bad bundle per se, but it’s more a 200 bucks tops thing. wanting to sell it for 800, to people who don’t even need a pony, is something even bill ferny can learn from.

    as for me spending 800 bucks on 1) this or 2) any other set of collectibles: 1: nopenopenope 2: highly unlikely, as i’m not much in the market for collectibles, and my allegiances are more with the books than with the films anyway.

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