New #TolkienCollection Photo Challenge | Odd Movie Tie-ins

We love seeing the photos that you share on social media with the #TolkienCollection hashtag, but we’re always eager to see more. Every week, we give out new photo challenges so you can share new perspectives on your favorite items!

Photo by Myla Malinalda

Since Middle-earth News is hosting their 6 Week Middle-earth Movie Marathon, we’re using that as our inspiration this week. Therefore, the theme for the week of November 16, 2015 is Odd Movie Tie-Ins.

Some merchandising might make sense, like Hobbit Tea or the licensed Middle-earth coins currently being Kickstarted by Shire Post Mint. Other items, like Pringles cans, toothbrushes, and alcohol free malt beer seem to make less sense.

What unusual movie tie-ins have you spotted? Do you like to snatch up these strange collectibles when you get a chance?

Last week’s theme was Happily Ever After, and we got some great photos from those who accepted our challenge! (A number of people chose to highlight Eowyn and Faramir’s story from The Lord of the Rings, and not only are we perfectly okay with that, but we were actually hoping for it!) You can see them all together below or you could go back through last week’s #TolkienCollection posts to see them and all the other photos shared last week.


#TolkienCollection Shares from November 15, 2015

#TolkienCollection Shares from November 14, 2015

#TolkienCollection Shares from November 13, 2015

#TolkienCollection Shares from November 12, 2015

#TolkienCollection Shares from November 11, 2015

#TolkienCollection Shares from November 10, 2015

#TolkienCollection Shares from November 9, 2015

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