Show Us “Home Sweet Home” for This Week’s #TolkienCollection Photo Challenge!

We love seeing the photos that you share on social media with the #TolkienCollection hashtag, but we’re always eager to see more. Every week, we give out new photo challenges so you can share new perspectives on your favorite items!

One of the many homes from Tolkien’s world handcrafted by The Middle Earth Collection.

The theme for the week of October 12, 2015 is Home Sweet Home.

Here are some ideas:

  • Which location from Tolkien’s writings would you like to call home? Share a photo of your place from The Professor’s work, be it a map of Middle-earth, a Bag End bookend, or a Minas Tirith miniature!
  • Do you decorate your home (or a part of it) with items that remind you of Middle-earth? Show us your Tolkien-themed hangout!
  • Are you most at home when reading a Tolkien book? Show us your favorite and tell us what it means to you.

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