#TolkienCollection Shares from September 28, 2015

We got to see some downright gorgeous Tolkien books yesterday from @spockcrig and @jediane9. It always a pleasure to see photos like that in our Twitter feed! Over on Instagram, we got to see another side of @spockcrig’s beautiful books, and @thejoshtime convinced us (using the words of Eowyn) to let our action figures see some action!

Don’t forget to vote on the entries from the #TolkienCollection photo contest from last week. We need your help to choose the winners!

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"What do you fear, my lady?" "A package. To stay behind plastic until use and old batteries accept them and all chance of playtime has gone beyond call or desire." "You are an action figure of a #Ringer, a favourite character of Joshua. I do not think that will be your fate." This conversation almost has a Toy Story vibe to it, eh? Worry not, #Eowyn. I never keep my #LotR figures in their boxes for long. I strongly support witnessing the "action" in my "action figures". How can one appreciate the work and artistry of these wonderful creations by keeping them in their package? Monetary value? Yeah, okay. You go do that and let your displays collect dust. I'll be over here actually having fun with them. Getting to relive moments from the films (and create my own) through these figures is worth WAY more to me than a value increase from its original retail price. The only benefit from collectors keeping these #ToyBiz figures in their boxes is me getting to buy them all and open them up with the excitement and wonder of a kid at Christmas! In fact, I'm about to bust this relatively rare #Éowyn out right now! #LordOfTheRings #TheLordOfTheRings #MiddleEarth #TolkienCollection #Tolkien #TheTwoTowers #TTT #Edoras #Rohan #TheGoldenHall #Meduseld #Aragorn #Strider #Shieldmaiden #CollectorsSickness @collectathing

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