Vote for the Winners of our Tolkien Week #TolkienCollection Photo Challenge!

Last week was a special week — Tolkien Week! In honor of the birthday of two special hobbits, we decided to do a giveaway!

The theme for the week (and the giveaway) was Bilbo and Frodo, and we got some great photos from those who accepted our challenge!

Now we need your help! Below are all of the photos we received for the contest. Choose your top three and list them in the comments of this post by Sunday, October 4 at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time. We’ll tally the results and share them on Monday, October 5.





















Vote for your 3 favorites in the comments below (and yes, you can vote for yours, but be sure to give some love to other photos, too)!


  1. I vote for #4, #5, and #9.

    I love how #4 managed to include the Ring and the Book of the Westmarch, both owned by Bilbo and Frodo, and the bookmarks with the actors are also a nice touch!

    #5 is just super clever and I love it. What more can I say?

    #9 is great because it makes the connection of Ian Holm playing both Bilbo (in the LOTR movies) and Frodo (in the LOTR audiobook)! Very smart and an interesting take on the theme!


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