#TolkienCollection Shares from September 16, 2015

There might not have been a huge amount of #TolkienCollection photos yesterday, but the ones we did get were fantastic! Take @jmb979’s photo for example: not only is it well-composed, but it also shows some of our favorite Tolkien book covers! Over on Instagram, @tolkienbritta gave us a treat by sharing some photos of her newly acquired Japanese edition of The Hobbit and @cagrikoylu showed us his new (and long-sought-after) copy of The Children of Hurin in Turkish!

Special thanks to @thejoshtime who really got into the spirit of this week’s #TolkienCollection photo challenge theme–Never Parted. It seems obvious now, thanks to Josh’s picture, that Denethor should never be parted from his cherry tomatoes!

Thanks to everyone who made it such a stellar day! If you want us to share your photos in our daily post, remember to use the hashtag #TolkienCollection or #CollectAThing or tag us @CollectTolkien on Twitter and @CollectAThing on Instagram!

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This week's #TolkienCollection theme is "Never Parted". Y'know who should never be parted? #Denethor and his #Tomatoes. Thanks to a certain scene in #TheReturnOfTheKing, and a few folk who ship one of the most bizarre, yet fitting, pairings in fandom history, I will never see #CherryTomatoes the same way again. I actually grew even more fond of cherry tomatoes after the right proper #Denethoring that #JohnNoble gave them in #RotK. (Denethoring is totally a thing, by the way.) Regardleas of dish, I even have to eat them with my hands and make a mess. So I found myself eating some as I read the challenge theme for this week, and it was blindingly obvious what I needed to do. I present to you Denethor being lovingly caressed by his true tomato-y love. Relatedly, I'd like to give a shoutout to @mylamalinalda for introducing me to #Thormato… A set of somethings on tumblr that literally had me cry-laughing. Anyway, this is my humble submission for @collectathing's photo challenge. (I can do a serious one if this doesn't qualify. Haha) #LordOfTheRings #TheLordOfTheRings #LotR #ReturnOfTheKing #MiddleEarth #Tolkien #tomato #vines #cherrytomato #grapetomatoes #sweettomatoes #Gondor #MinasTirith #CollectTolkien

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