Merchandise Monday Was All About Middle-earth!

In the past, I shared one of my Merchandise Monday posts here because it was Tolkien-related, and it would be a dereliction of my duty if I didn’t show you the latest Middle-earth items featured yesterday!

Fangirls on the Road started doing Merchandise Monday six weeks ago, and they’ve been sharing great collectibles ever since. Many of them have been Middle-earth items (check out their older posts with The One Ring and Tauriel’s pendant), and their latest post is no different! Click here or on the photo below to read more about Sam’s Minas Tirith miniature, the Sideshow/Weta Workshop collectible figure that came with The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King DVD set.


My fellow Travelling Geek Alice also decided to share one of her favorite Tolkien items for Merchandise Monday. She chose her Mallorn Leaf Brooch that was a gift from one of her best friends. Believe it or not, she’s never worn it because she doesn’t want anything to happen to it! Click here or on the photo below to read more about her fellowship brooch from The Noble Collection.


Now, it’s time for a game of “Would you rather” in the comments! If you could only pick one, would you rather have a Minas Tirith miniature or a Mallorn Leaf brooch? And why?

Don’t forget to follow both Fangirls on the Road and the Travelling Geek Show to see their Merchandise Monday posts. There are bound to be more Middle-earth collectibles in the future!

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