#TolkienCollection Shares from September 4, 2015

We may have had a bit of a slow day on the #TolkienCollection tag yesterday, but we still got to see some cool collectibles! In fact, the award for most unique may go to @joshspencer1 who showed us an engraving of Luthien’s emblem (some editions of The Silmarillion bear this symbol on their cover) that he says is almost complete!

Poor @tolkienbritta is feeling poorly (be sure to stop by her Instagram and leave a well-wishing comment), but she knows that a bit of Tolkien out in nature can be a little pick-me-up! Meanwhile, @tizzlem showcased her Tolkien Collection, her pride and joy (for good reason)!

We have to send a shout out to @Rainearthimbue who posted photos for this week’s #TolkienCollection photo challenge–Tolkien Baddies! All of his photos today are about Smaug, the dragon from The Hobbit, but you can pick any villain from Tolkien’s work. You have until Sunday night to participate in this week’s challenge, so if you haven’t already shared your take on the theme, we hope to see your photos before the week is out!

If you want to see your photos in our daily post, remember to use the hashtags #TolkienCollection and/or #CollectAThing so we can track them down. To make it really easy, you could tag us @CollectTolkien on Twitter and @collectathing on Instagram!

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