New #TolkienCollection Photo Challenge Is For Tolkien Baddies

We love seeing the photos that you share on social media with the #TolkienCollection hashtag, but we’re always eager to see more. Every week, we give out new photo challenges so you can share new perspectives on your favorite items!

Photo by @thejoshtime on Instagram

The theme for the week of August 31, 2015 is Tolkien Baddies. A little while ago, we did a challenge that called for photos of Tolkien Besties, and it seemed only natural that the baddies should get their time in the spotlight.

Here are some ideas:

  • Show off your Tolkien toys! Why not do a photoshoot with Sauron, Smaug, Lurtz, Gothmog, Shelob, Wormtongue, and any other baddies you have in your stash?
  • Take a photo of your t-shirts or posters that feature some of the darker characters of Middle-earth!
  • Get back to basics with Tolkien’s books! Perhaps you have an edition with the One Ring script or Saruman on the cover? Or maybe you have an illustrated edition?

Last week’s theme was In My Pocket, and we got so many great photos from those who accepted our challenge! You can see them all together below or you could go back through last week’s #TolkienCollection posts to see them and all the other photos shared last week.



#TolkienCollection Shares from August 30, 2015

#TolkienCollection Shares from August 29, 2015

#TolkienCollection Shares from August 28, 2015

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#TolkienCollection Shares from August 26, 2015

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#TolkienCollection Shares from August 24, 2015

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