Collector Spotlight: Eomira, Tolkien Fan

In our ongoing Collector Spotlight series, we’re taking a closer look at collections and their collectors! This week, we’re featuring Eomira, a geek and YouTuber who is passionate about reading and collecting Tolkien.


As you may have guessed, Eomira is not her real name. It’s actually Beverly, but we’ll have a hard time calling her anything other than Eomira! So how did the online persona come about? She said, “Eomira is my screen name because it was the name of my character in my first RPG roleplaying forum days. She was the daughter of Lord Barahir, thus the great grand daughter of Eowyn and Faramir. As for meaning, it means ‘lover of jewels’ technically, but I really just smushed Eo (from Eowyn) and mir (Faramir) and added an ‘A’ to the end to make it feminine.) Ta da!”

When did you first realize/decide that you were a Tolkien collector?

I most definitely decided that I was one. My first major eye-opening experience was after watching the Extended Edition Fellowship of the Ring (on VHS!). It was just amazing and everything I loved all in one. Mythology, great battles, epic quests and heroes! After that, anything and everything was Lord of the Rings. Sadly, this all happened a week after Return of the King left theaters. A WEEK! I never have been able to see an LotR film in theaters, but there was still plenty of merchandise to be found!

What was your first Tolkien item?

I believe it was this paperback copy of the Fellowship of the Ring.


I believe I picked it up before watching the film, just because I remember having a total noob moment with a friend saying how they could date Aragorn and I’d have Strider. (Oh sweet innocent little 6th grade Bev).

How do you decide what you want to collect?

It’s quite tricky actually. There are SO many different aspects to Tolkien merchandise. You have the books, action figures, all the various forms of the films, magazines, cups! I am happy with anything and everything people give me.


My main focus, however, would probably be books.

I just love books in general, even outside the realm of Tolkien. But with my Tolkien ones, I am especially picky. I enjoy first editions (when I can find them) and hardbacks are the absolute best, complete with dust jackets! These tend to be worth the most and look the nicest on shelves.


I’ve actually hit a wall because I am running out of things in my immediate price range. Do I start collecting the trade covers of the books? This leads to doubles and I NEED the complete set of things to be fully satisfied.

I’m trying to be more intentional at the moment with my purchases. It takes a little longer, but I have more money to build up the armory, hah!

Tell us about your collection and some of your favorite items.

Spotlight_Eomira_10My collection is a little scattered at the moment, due to moving back in with my parents and limited space, so have an old photograph of what my room looked like before in all of its poster glory!

Some of my favorite pieces of my collection are my swords from United Cutlery.


Eowyn’s Sword, (which I have dubbed Angmar’s Bane) was my first purchase. Eowyn is my favorite and I am still so very thrilled with it. I also currently have Hadafang (Arwen’s Sword) and Anduril, which is my largest by far. I’m only a head taller than it! These are probably the most expensive items, but are worth every penny for the quality.


This is a neat find! This is the original design for Bolg (and the better one, if I may say so). They made several action figures and products before expanding the Hobbit films into three movies, hence his appearance and the original title of An Unexpected Journey.


I almost have all of the original fan club magazines! Perhaps I shall have people sign them at conventions…there’s a thought.


I probably have at least 5 copies (Extended (multiples), Limited, Theatrical, Blu-Ray) each of the LotR films. These are the Extended Editions Collector Sets, STILL SEALED!


I’ve been attending a lot of conventions recently, and have been gathering up some signatures! It’s really neat to meet people in person and hear voices that I have only ever heard on a commentary in real life, haha!

And finally, the great Arkenstone of my collection and my biggest pet project!


This has a great story behind it. I was perusing twitter one day when Dominic Monaghan (Merry) tweeted out that he would trade an N64 Goldeneye plus controllers for a signed DVD of some sort. After racing into the closet and frantically grabbing controllers and our copy, snapped a picture and sent. Lo and behold, I won it. Biggest rush and WHAAAA moment of my fandom life, haha! My sister made me ask for a Lost box set, but he sent this instead with not only his signature but Billy Boyd’s as well! Since then, I have decided that I would try and get as many members of the Fellowship to sign it as possible. Currently I need one more Hobbit, an Elf, a Wizard and the two men of Gondor. They don’t normally do convention circuits, so I’m not sure if I will ever actually get them, but I will sure try!

Eomira meeting Billy Boyd (Pippin in The Lord of the Rings) at a convention!
What are some amazing Tolkien items that are still on your wishlist?

Orcrist from United Cutlery! I remember seeing it in the first publicity photo of Thorin. The first words out of my mouth were, “I need it.”

I would also love a signed copy of the Children of Hurin from Christopher Tolkien and Alan Lee. They exist! And I want one.

Eomira’s Eowyn necklace

Another big wishlist is to be able to meet Miranda Otto. Eowyn is my absolute favorite of all of literature. I’ve had some people say I look like her (which is the most absolute best compliment ever in existence). It would just be a big moment, and I love her and what she did with the character.

What do your friends and family think of your collection? How do you explain to non-collectors or non-Tolkien fans why you collect?

Family can be exasperated but have gotten used to the fact that large packages will show up, and they most always will be swords. But they’re really sweet and get me Tolkien things for birthdays and things.

Bookseller friends and coworkers absolutely feed my obsession. It’s brilliant and dangerous. They will go out of their way to make sure I know about each and every Tolkien item that comes in at work. Then they will inevitably groan or laugh when I say I have that item all ready or have something similar, haha!

As to explaining, I guess I really haven’t ever had too? I love Tolkien. Lord of the Rings is my favorite. Of course I have all the things.


Where do you go to find items for your Tolkien collection?

I am lucky to work at a used bookstore, so lots of stuff comes through there. I have purchased things from there. No Tolkien Merchandise is safe! I also like perusing antique malls, thrift stores and the Weta Workshop for extra special things. For my swords, I used They ship SUPER fast and everything has been excellent. I love them.

Will you ever feel like your collection is complete or is it a forever work-in-progress?

I imagine that while things may slow down, it will forever be a work in progress. There is so much more to find still and so much more that could be! What if there’s a remake? (Mixed feelings about this) What if there is a Silmarillion film/tv series? (MORE mixed feelings) What about the inevitable extra special collector’s editions of things? Tolkien is forever!


Do you have any tips for other collectors?

Find what your passionate about and go for it! You don’t have to spend a ton of money to build up a collection. Cons and conventions are great places to go for extra special goodies!

Eomira meeting Craig Parker (Haldir in The Lord of the Rings) at a convention!

Keep your books safe and use mylar covers for your dust jackets! NEVER THROW THE DUSTJACKETS AWAY. (seriously. 90% of the value of the book is in that thing. KEEP THEM SAFE)

Have fun!

Thanks so much for sharing your Tolkien Collection with us! Where can people find you online if they want to see more?

I am ‘Eomira’ pretty much on all social media sites. You can find me at where I post Tolkien-centric videos from time to time. I’m also fairly active on Twitter @Eomira!

Here at Collect A Thing, we love seeing nerdy collections and collectibles, and we couldn’t do it without you–the collectors! We started this regular feature to get to know different collectors and their collections (our first spotlight was two weeks ago with Myla Malinalda). Are you a Tolkien collector? If you’re interested in sharing your collection with us, please fill out our Contact Form, and we’ll be in touch!


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