#TolkienCollection Shares from August 16, 2015

Yesterday, we got a Tolkien sampler platter! On Twitter, we had a little bit of everything–@invisibledrag0n shared an old Middle-earth video game, @MylaMalinanda shared an read-along book and record from the Rankin and Bass days, and @ChrilleAnd showed of his newest addition. On Instagram, @eomira showed how her collection has expanded over the years, @tolkienbritta shared lots and lots of books, and @mylamalinalda photographed her Tolkien CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes, and cassettes.

We issued a new #TolkienCollection photo challenge today! The theme for this week is Closeup. Remember to use the hashtag #TolkienCollection or #CollectAThing so we can share your photos in our daily post or tag us@CollectTolkien on Twitter and @CollectAThing on Instagram!

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