#TolkienCollection Shares from August 13, 2015

We love all of the things we are able to discover when people post closeups for this week’s #TolkienCollection photo challenge. For example, @invisibledrag0n showed us a typo on the first Dutch edition of The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, @djy1935 showed us the many faces of her Lord of the Rings LEGOS, @Rainearthimbue pointed out a Tolkien passage that can distract readers, and @Morgul_blade reminded us just how beautiful and well-crafted the Middle-earth swords are!

We also got to see homemade swords, lots of beautiful book covers and art, and other collectibles, too! Thanks to everyone else who shared photos yesterday. If you want to see your photos in our daily post, remember to use the hashtags #TolkienCollection and/or #CollectAThing so we can track them down. To make it really easy, you could tag us @CollectTolkien on Twitter and @collectathing on Instagram!

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