Tolkien Britta Shares Her Tolkien Collection

TolkienBrittaIn the past, we posted Tolkien Britta’s review of Thrór’s Key by Badali Jewlery, and she recently posted another blog that we had to share!

You might know her from her long-running series, 365 Days of Middle-earth, or from her movie and gaming reviews. In her newest post, she talks about how she started collecting, what she likes to collect, and she shares photos of some of her treasures.

Here’s an excerpt:

In the fifth grade, my obsession at the time was Brian Jacques’ Redwall books. Once I had exhausted that series, my uncle suggested I try reading The Hobbit. Reluctantly, I agreed and borrowed his copy. I was so in love that I immediately wanted to read The Lord of the Rings. For my birthday that year, my parents surprised me with a one-volume edition (technically the first item in my collection!), which I could not put down. I wanted more. I started saving money and visiting local bookstores several times a month to try and build up my Tolkien library. After I had acquired the basics – The Silmarillion, Unfinished Tales, The Histories of Middle-earth, etc. – I decided that not only did I want every book by or about Tolkien, but I wanted every version of every book. There are so many different editions and translations available that my collection will probably never be complete. And that’s something that truly excites me.

Click here (or on the picture below) to read her latest post, My Tolkien Collection.


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