#TolkienCollection Shares from July 25, 2015

With the week winding down, we weren’t sure if we were going to get any more photos for this week’s #TolkienCollection photo challenge theme of Tolkien Besties. Happily, we got more great pictures from @little_coyshie, featuring LEGO Bilbo and Gandalf hanging out at Bag End and Funko Smaug and Invisible Bilbo getting in some quality time. Over on Instagram, @thejoshtime shared a picture of Háma and Gamling from The Lord of the Rings and coined the term Brohirrim!

We love peeking at our phones during Saturday activities and seeing such great photos in our feeds! Remember to use the hashtags #TolkienCollection and/or #CollectAThing so we can share your photos in our daily post. To make it really easy, you could tag us@CollectTolkien on Twitter and @collectathing on Instagram!

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Háma, Doorward of the Meduseld, and Gamling the Old, Captains of the King's Guard. First of all… Yes. #Toybiz totally included these Men of Rohan in their figure line. How awesome is that? Secondly, if you've seen #LotR behind-the-scenes, you probably know that the actors who played #Háma and #Gamling (#JohnLeigh and #BruceHopkins respectively) seem to have gotten along quite well on set. So, in my head, the characters themselves got along just as well. It's for this reason that I'm submitting this pair for @collectathing's #TolkienBesties, because I like to imagine these two doing all sorts of stuff together. Training, riding, drinking, maybe even pulling faces while King Théoden isn't looking. It's one of my favourite thoughts. I've dubbed these two #Brohirrim. #LordOfTheRings #TheLordOfTheRings #TheTwoTowers #TTT #MiddleEarth #TolkienCollection #Tolkien #Rohan #Rohirrim #Edoras #Meduseld #Brohan

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