#TolkienCollection Voting and a New Photo Challenge!

We love seeing the photos that you share on social media with the #TolkienCollection hashtag, but we’re always eager to see more. Last week, we issued the first of our #TolkienCollection photo challenges, and as an incentive for collectors to join in the fun, we offered a giveaway!

We’ve narrowed it down to two contenders, and now we need your help! Answer in the comments below, on our Facebook page, or tweet at us (@CollectTolkien) and let us know which is your favorite. The winner will get a vintage copy of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers!

Will it be @alicegreenleaf or @Morgul_blade?

UPDATE: Voting has ended and @Morgul_Blade was declared the winner!

The theme for this week’s challenge will be Tolkien Besties. What we want you to do is share photos of pieces of your Tolkien collection that center around the theme of friendship. That might mean photographing a page from one of your Tolkien books where a friendship is truly tested, or it might mean creating a photo using your Fellowship brooch, or it could even mean snapping a picture of your Sauron and Frodo action figures hanging out on your bookshelf (just because they’re enemies in the books, doesn’t mean they are in real life!).

Whatever you decide to do, remember to use the #TolkienCollection hashtag so that we can find your entry, or even better, tag us in your post. You can find us on Twitter and Facebook!




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