#HarryPotterCollection Shares from July 16, 2015

Another day, another set of great Harry Potter book and collection photos on Instagram! Another shout out to @myharrypottercollection, an account we’re watching with great interest, for sharing a photo of Arthur Weasley’s wand. Honestly, we can get enough of all of the uniquely designed wands, so we’re always excited to see more!

Remember to use the hashtags #HarryPotterCollection or #CollectPotter if you want to see your photos shared in our daily posts!

Guys! I woke up to 500 book friends today! I honestly can't believe it! To think that 500 lovely people actually want to follow along and like my pictures and have conversations with me… just blows my mind! Especially considering that there's only one book friend here that I know personally! Thank you guys sooo much!! My day has been made!! 🎉 • I was tagged by the lovely @readxings to do the #bookswithfaces tag. Thank you! 😙 • And what better book to use for this one than my amazingly awesome Harry Potter Film Wizardry, with all of its cool extras! • #HarryPotter #HarryPotterFilmWizardry #harrypotterfandom #harrypotterobsession #harrypottercollection #potterhead #jkrowling #HogwartsSchoolOfWitchcraftAndWizardry #theboywholived #witches #wizards #muggles #MinistryOfMagic #magic #AfterAllThisTimeAlways • #bookish #booknerd #booktags #bibliophile #bookstagram #bookobsessed #alwaysreading #igreads #ilovebooks #ilovereading #literaturenerd #mybookcollection

A post shared by Mel |🇺🇸| ISFJ |✝️|☕️|📚|🦁 (@bookish.mel) on

P.S. We’re still having trouble seeing new tweets (including our own) on the #HarryPotterCollection tag on Twitter. We’ll keep trying, but if you really want to make sure we see your tweets, please tag us using @CollectPotter.


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