#TolkienCollection Shares from July 5, 2015

It was another slow day for #TolkienCollection pictures, so again, the one we shared on our account yesterday was the only new one to be seen. However, Josh Spencer has been resharing the pictures he posted on his Instagram when Middle-earth News first issued their photo challenge, so today, we’ll run you through some of our favorites from his collection!

Remember to use the hashtag #TolkienCollection if you want to see your photos shared in our daily posts!

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Day 15 of @middleearthnews' #TolkienCollection photo challenge: Item you consider to be a must have for every collector. This one is extremely difficult for me, mainly because it relies so heavily on personal taste. My first thought was to say a really nice hardback set of The Lord of the Rings, but now I don't think so. I think there's something about Tolkien's work that feeds a deep seated longing for beauty in us, something true in it that we sense down to our very bones. For some people, that need can be answered by collecting Tolkien art or films or action figures or swords. For me, as for many others, it's most deeply satisfied by collecting beautiful editions of his writing, be it a rare and beautiful early edition, or a marvelously designed series of paperbacks. So I guess that's my answer. Each collector should collect those things they like most, and collect the heck out of it. For me, yep, it's lovely, lovely books.

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Even though it wasn’t part of the challenge, we had to share that last one. Because…cat!

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