#TolkienCollection Shares from June 27, 2015

It was a slow day on the #TolkienCollection hashtag. In fact, the only post to be seen was one of ours! Since we make sure to put out a post every day, and we didn’t want this one to be just one tweet, we figured we’d take this opportunity to tell you a little bit more about the photo that we shared on the @CollectTolkien Twitter account.


This photo is actually a couple of months old. In fact, if you went back to Coyote Ridge Books in Broomfield, Colorado, we can promise that the selection has changed quite a bit. How do we know? Because we bought probably about half of these!

It can be hard to be a collector, so it’s great when a group of people can band together and seek out items for others when they’re out on their travels. Many of these books (and particularly that Hobbit audiobook) went to friends who have a hard time finding reasonably priced Tolkien books in their area.

We have made some amazing finds at used book stores like this, so whether you’re a collector or not, be sure to visit your local stores from time to time. You never know what you might find!

Remember to use the hashtag #TolkienCollection if you want to see your photos shared in our daily posts!

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