Tolkien Britta Reviews Badali Jewelry Replica of Thrór’s Key

Tolkien Britta runs a well-established blog that is a great resource for any Tolkien fan. Her long-running series, 365 Days of Middle-earth, goes into detail on different characters, locations, items, and historical events from J.R.R. Tolkien’s books.

She sometimes writes reviews on books and movies, and yesterday, she posted her review of the Thrór’s Key replica available from Badali Jewelry. In her review, she shares wonderfully detailed photos, her comparison of this key versus the one seen in The Hobbit movies, and a translation of the runes carved into the key.

Click here (or on the picture below) to read her latest post, Thrór’s Key from Badali Jewelry.


After reading Britta’s review, let us know if the Badali key is on your Tolkien Collection wishlist or if you prefer the movie version!

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